Six Myths About Social Media Marketing and the Mistakes You’ll Make Because of Them

There’s a lot of misinformation about social media marketing. Here are some of the more common myths and how they affect outcomes. 

It’s hard to believe how far social media marketing has come in just a few years.

In some industries, social media is enough to power entire brands. Social media managers are sought after and the good ones command high salaries. 

Nowadays social media presence is a crucial part of any marketing strategy. Even a corner store has at least a Facebook account. But this explosive growth has led to many misconceptions.

People have had to adopt marketing strategies they don’t understand. This creates poor returns on marketing investment.

Social media as a marketing channel gets a lot of publicity. But some essential parts of the message can get lost. In this article, we’ll help you make sense of this powerful marketing tool.

We’ll explain six social-media myths and go over the mistakes they can cause. 

Myth #1 – You Have to Be on Every Platform

When it comes to social media, less is more for a lot of brands.

Companies fall into the trap of thinking they need a presence on every platform. In reality, you only need to be where your customers are. 

This is especially true for small business owners. An active LinkedIn account is of little benefit to a family bakery. 

It’s better to focus your strategy on the platforms that matter most to your business. 

People make the mistake of having too many active accounts. This is not only time-consuming, but difficult to keep track of. Errors and underperforming accounts are inevitable.

Myth #2 – Social Media Doesn’t Work for Everyone

The idea that some industries have nothing to gain from social media is just plain wrong.

Every demographic is represented in some way on social media outlets. If your business involves people in any way, social media can help. Underrepresented industries on social media are ripe with opportunity. Being active on social media when your competitors aren’t can make a huge difference.

When people dismiss social media, they make the mistake of not planning for it. Irregularly posting random updates doesn’t engage anyone. To get value out of social media – which certainly exists – you need a strategy. You need to have well-established goals and a plan to reach them.

Myth #3 – Influencers Are Only for Big Brands

The days of celebrity endorsements are long gone. Influencers are active on every level of business.

Even startups can benefit from influencer marketing. People with significant followings are active in most communities. The right influencer can make any business more successful. 

What’s more, small-scale influencers are available for very modest fees. For a small local business, that could mean great ROI.

Ignoring influencers as a source of engagement is a huge mistake. However, reaching out individually to influencers can be a huge time sink. 

Hiring an agency that understands the importance of influencers is a great investment. They’ll work with you to get the most out of that resource. 

Myth #4 – Marketing on Social Media Is Cheap

As with everything else in life, you get what you pay for with social media marketing.

Opening a social media account is free. That’s true. But it’s merely a tool, and tools don’t provide any benefit unless they’re used correctly.

Any marketing campaign requires an investment. Social media may be less expensive or more cost-effective than some other channel. But that doesn’t mean it can work without the same commitment as a traditional campaign.

It’s not only about creating content and uploading it. You need relevant and fresh content all the time. Most people underestimate the effort that takes. 

This leads to two mistakes. The first is understaffing. Business owners believe they can do their social media marketing by themselves. Or they have one person manage 5 or more accounts. 

The second mistake is ignoring paid promotional opportunities. Media platforms have paid advertising options, and using them is a great way to boost social media presence.

Myth #5 – Marketing Is All About Sales

“Always Be Closing” doesn’t work with social media.

People use social media because they expect value. If you’re constantly trying to sell through your platforms, no one will pay attention. This approach misses the point of social media, which is to connect and engage with an audience. It’s much more challenging to market in this way. Users expect something in exchange for their attention. To run a successful campaign on social media, you have to entertain or somehow convince people it’s worth their time.  

Engagement is one of the best indicators of effective social media marketing. Not followers. To create engagement, a marketing strategy needs to include a lot of interaction. 

The first goal of social media should be to demonstrate value for your customers. Then create a relationship of trust. Only then can you leverage that relationship into generating sales.

Myth #6 – All Marketing Agencies Are the Same

If this were true, everyone’s results would be the same as well.

This misconception stems from the idea that agencies doing social media only think about social media. A good agency takes a broader approach. They will work with you on a comprehensive business strategy. Even if you just want an active social media account and nothing more, the right help makes all the difference.

Many people end up working with the cheapest agency they can find. This usually ends in disaster. Cutting corners is a good way to make sure your social media presence is a waste of money. 

The Final Word

Social media marketing has huge potential for any industry. It all comes down to proper execution.

Don’t be tricked into making these mistakes. Social media will work for your business. And it will work better than you expect. 

All the strategies that work for big corporations can work for small ones as well. It’s about finding the right partners.

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